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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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world peace with the reminder by the minute we have to comprehend where peace has taken us today terrorism entrées. the time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts oct third on t w. this week in washington d.c. the fate of an attorney a would be supreme court judge and a sitting u.s. president could all collide resulting in a political crisis the whites of which the u.s. has never seen consider deputy attorney general rod rosenstein now he oversees the investigation into how russia may have helped donald trump become the us president if the us president fires him this week the stakes and the drama are set to reach a record high i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day.
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we have great people in the department of justice and at this point have you seen any evidence of good cause for firing of special counsel moller no i have not but yeah it's a real bad once you seen what's happened at the f.b.i. if the president trumped in order to fire the special counsel why point you to him and if they were good cause i would consider it if they were not good cause it wouldn't matter to me what anybody since. but there's a lingering stand should we're going to get rid of that. you know are you afraid of president trophy firing you know i'm not there's. also coming up tonight a breakthrough medical procedure three paralyzed people learning to walk again. to
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be able to move. my legs and. to walk even in a stand it means a lot. that there is hope for not only me but other people. or we begin the day with two questions which almost brought political washington d.c. to a standstill today will deputy attorney general rod rosenstein quit his job or is president about to fire rosenstein paid a visit to the white house today fueling rumors of tonight's rosenstein still has his job he and president trump are scheduled to meet on thursday and rosenstein and trump they've never been close friends just a few days ago a report emerged that rosenstein have allegedly suggested that he should secretly taped his conversations with the president it was also reported that rosenstein raised the idea of invoking the twenty fifth amendment of the us constitution to declare trump unfit for office rosenstein has denied both of those accusations it's
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important to know that rosenstein is in charge of overseeing the investigation into the trunk campaign's connections to russia his job is also to shield the investigation from any outside influence. our let's take the story down to the u.s. capitol our very own meyer sweeter is on the story for us tonight good evening to you miles so there are so many unknowns about this story what do we know i mean it was reported today that rosenstein plans to quit and that trump will fire him which is true. there's a lot of ifs still with this story and as it turned out at the end of the day neither of those things were true because he still has his job there was a lot of confusion as he was heading over to the white house particularly because it was reported that last week he had actually offered his resignation after
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a new york times story broke saying of that reporting that rosenstein had offered to wear a wire around trump and has discussed perhaps invoking the twenty fifth amendment to that would start the process to remove the president from office. it is particularly interesting that rosen still has his job because he is a marked man and he's been a marked man in terms of the trumpet ministration for a while we know that trump has been discussing removing rosenstein and his boss the attorney general jeff sessions for over a year now and now that these allegations have come forward it is curious that he is still in office but we do have this thursday meeting to one hour do shall we say . as the president himself loves to say we'll see what happens yeah there's been a lot of talk today about what would happen if rosenstein were to be fired and why
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would fiery rosenstein be as some people are saying tantamount to political suicide the president wrong. it's sort of a damned if you does damned if he doesn't situation for president trump on the one hand he is absolutely no fan of the russian investigators and that's been going on and we should note that resisting as you said has been really acting as a kind of a human shield between the trumping ministration and the investigation trump has been looking for any way he possibly can to shut this investigation down and rosenstein has really been quite a liberal with the with what robert muller the man who's leading this investigation can do so rosenstein being removed would certainly allow trump to shut down this investigation that he so hates on the other hand this would put the white house into further turmoil it would in raise the last further and this is all happening near weeks before these midterm elections that are very much suggesting the
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republicans stand to lose a lot in these election there's the been this predicted blue wave coming and the white house really wants to project this symbol this picture of strength right now and really rosenstein would not help with that in mind you know what happens if the reasons dean is no longer deputy attorney general i mean he has been privy to many conversations that involve the president over there have been about the president could he begin cooperating with special counsel robert. that is certainly a big question mark in washington right now it is curious that trump hasn't done more up until now what does it matter we should say is the way in which rosenstein is removed if in fact he is removed by the end of this week because if he is fired it's a bit murky but if he actually resigns as he offered to do last week the president
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gets to pick the next person who takes his place he gets to pick basically the next person who oversees the moeller investigation and there are a lot of fears around washington right now that trump could pick someone who is basically a crony he could step in and shut down the entire investigation he could at the very least throw of roadblocks he could start informing the white house of what the investigation is actually looking into all of which does not look good for the investigation so a lot of ifs still a lot of confusion in washington today the facts on the ground are the russia investigation is still going forward rosenstein still has a job this meeting is happening on thursday yes thursday trowbridge's the they're scheduled to meet but thursday is an important day this week for another reason isn't it. absolutely is this impending hearing for brett kavanaugh. nomination for the supreme court of the united states he has
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been accused by now two women of sexual misconduct in high school and in college and the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her in high school is scheduled to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday and now it remains to be seen whether or not it's going to be senators questioning her of the senator's staffers questioning her but a lot hangs in the balance right now for this nomination and again this does not look good for the trump white house to be seen backing this man who has these accusations against him now they're trying to paint him as a smear campaign that it's just the left getting riled up over nothing but at least one of these accusations is very credible right now and the fact that they're doubling down on this nomination especially close to the midterms all of this does not look good and. how does the wind howls or how does the white house attempted to explain the scheduling of these two incredibly important events on the same day i mean we've got thursday we've got these hearings for kavanaugh and for christine
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ford we've also got this meeting between rosenstein and trump do you think is it just by chance. well one thing we know is that is the day that trump is coming back from the u.n. general assembly and it may simply be that trump wants to fire rosenstein in person and it's a coincidence of timing that this is when. the kavanaugh hearing is going to happen cavanagh is also scheduled to show is a break his silence this evening u.s. time he has a pre-court interview with the right wing fox news channel that's scheduled to come out so there may be some political machinations that are happening in the week leading up to thursday but either way it's certainly it is certain that there is going to be a pretty monumental day for this administration oh yes definitely all eyes on thursday that is for sure a correspondent on your sweater on the story for us tonight in washington miles thank you. well it is the
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first time since the british handover to china twenty one years ago that hong kong is government has taken such a step against the democratic process critics fear it sets a dangerous precedent authorities in hong kong have ordered the national party to cease all of its operations immediately now the party that's led by twenty eight year old indian chan it calls for independence from china the. think of a mountain hong kong said it had decided to ban the national party because it was a threat to security announcing the move hong kong secretary for security described the group as extremist it has also will make it very clear that it will make use of old means to achieve this goal and this includes the option of using poles. it has also used terms of the revolution.
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the young leader of the party twenty eight year old andy chan predicted the crackdown to meeting foreign correspondents in hong kong last month due to the nature of how the chinese public and western works the national party was instantly demonize as some sort of extremist group do these things go word independence. chan denies accusations he wants to foment violence but he accuses beijing that eroding freedoms in hong kong and says the only way for the territory to get full democracy is to break away from china. he says he was inspired to set up his party after the failure of what became known as the umbrella protest movement back in twenty fourteen demonstrators there also accuse china every meeting on a promise of autonomy and interfering too much in the running of palm kong. but china and its supporters such as these demonstrators in hong kong last month i determined to take
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a hard line beijing says it will be no tolerance for any groups advocating for separation from the mainland its ace such acts should and will be punished. joining me here the big table is bernhard bar she is a senior asia analyst at the battle's mint foundation here in for a live good to have you back on the show you know this is the first time we've seen a political party banned in hong kong i mean what does this tell us about the state of democracy or the state of hong kong's freedoms now. and shows us that these freedoms only exist within very strictly defined boundaries and these boundaries spaces are shrinking and the beijing government is making it very clear what is within this space and what is outside and apology calling for independence of hong kong that is far sighted is anything that beijing is going to allow his then far outside anything that even you know twenty one years ago would have been considered
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reasonable i mean are you are you know are you surprised by this party being banned or do you think ok they should have seen it coming i think twenty one years ago we would have been surprised looking at how china has developed and huge in ping this is not a surprise we had the berlin movement in two thousand and fourteen occupy central and ever since then the beijing government has been very wary of any protest in hong kong and they've been very aware that young people are very frustrated about china and them how hong kong is developing you are they afraid is this beijing telling us that they are afraid to give any voice to the notion of hong kong being independent because they're afraid that it would take hold it's not only about hong kong this is about china sovereignty and this is about the south china sea the east china sea it's about the territorial conflicts with india it's ultimately about
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taiwan and that is starting to be a big play in beijing there. are all these war games that they're playing about taiwan and people think by the taiwan is something that is within xi jinping calculations of what he might be doing but in his reign so this hong kong issue this independence issue is much bigger than this tiny party in hong kong what does it tell us about the condition of the government in hong kong particularly it being able to act somewhat of a bore work against the need of the communist party in beijing and is it basically is it just caving in over time. in fan is this still is one country two systems a lot of liberties that they have in hong kong that don't exist in china but when they came up with this concept one country two systems in the eighty's basically.
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expectational then was that china would eventually become more democratic and hong kong would be the oratory for trying to mock risky time by that but there were there were fears even back in the eighty's i remember that people were saying that once you give hong kong back to china eventually they will absorb it into what the one nation principle and they are doing that or do it now will be a seeing that now. in fan is in the eighty's it was a totally different discussion of a totally different expectations where china might be moving but under huge him being the spaces are shrinking and he's very much aligning the government and that's much less political debate in china today and it is this you know you mentioned it taiwan does this indeed signal to taiwan of any of any kind. it definitely does china is starting to put more pressure on taiwan and on all
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other neighbors that are testing china's. resolve towards protecting a. its territorial claims in the area are you surprised. when we see around the world that now people are talking about the at the china model for for global order world order as an alternative to the western order but when we talk about things like this i mean this is certainly not something that the west we would find appealing do you think that people tend to forget the reality of you know we're the party that's being banned for example i think that's why it's important that we discuss these issues when we talk about the china model we usually talking about china's economic success and of moods many people in other countries look at china and say we also want to have growth figures right that way but china is a big package it's not only economic growth there's
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a lot of dark areas that are involved too and when you look at china you can can cherry pick this china and not have that china it's all one package and you get the whole deal you get the whole deal whether you like it or not there are bars with the bertelsmann foundation here in berlin as always we appreciate you coming in during your insides thank you thank you very much. well some good news now tonight we shine a spotlight on those working to make the world a better place each year the right widely heard award authors those creating smart solutions to our planet's greatest challenges now the award is known as the alternative nobel prize there are four winners this year and we've been looking at them across the day here on d w one of the winners jacoba so they'll go has been recognized for turning barren land into fertile forests in his native burkean a fossil. when you go said he would plant
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a forest in the desert his neighbors thought he was mad. but the forest grew. now so i would go travels around his native burkean afonso to teach his technique using a traditional method called he shows farmers how to dig small pits and fill them with compost to protect the seeds the mounds attract termites whose tunnels trap rainwater. i want the training program to be the starting point of many fruitful exchanges in the region. so i would go has been a farmer for most of his life when a drought was forcing thousands to flee the semi area it's a hell region of central africa in the one nine hundred seventy s. he stayed and began experimenting with traditional techniques. since then he has
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created some of the most diverse forests in the region and his methods have saved hundreds of square kilometers of arid land from desert if occasion the reclaimed soil allows farmers to produce crops even in times of drought. so i would go has gained international recognition for his work in two thousand and ten he was a featured guest at the united nations convention to combat the certification for this stadium so i do. but the farmer spends most of his time back home in burkina faso. fighting the forestation during times of climate change takes constant care and vigilance. and his community depends on his knowledge to bring life back to the land. for many so i would go has given them a reason to stay. and joining us tonight from amsterdam is chris rage he is
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a close friend of so doug a mr a just good to have you on the show i understand that you have known. for more than thirty five years can you tell us what this award means to him well this award is very important to him it is perceived as an international recognition of the book that he has done and he has managed to create it lends to production by experimenting since the early one nine hundred eighty s. so what he has done is just remarkable in those days in the early one nine hundred eighty s. nobody really knew how. it went to put it productivity. and at reasonable cost so and he was the one who developed the technical breakthrough. has improved conditions that we were talking about turning barren land in the forest and helping farmers regenerate the soil so they can use it i mean how did how did
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they come up with this idea. well he started to experiment he had a lot of the great atlanta and and. see that that he was living was considered to be one of the most be created and i guess off the whole country so he began experimenting me mate to and deeper and ended up going to mecca and by doing so he concentrated water and soil fertility and same spots which allowed even in drought years so that makes a big difference to smallholder farmers in those area. how has his work hours have been received within his own farming community well there have been tensions in the past in december's deaths that some people believe to death he also prospectively certain conditions so at a certain moment even set fire to his forest but that double t.s.d. to me nation he continued to experiment then slowly but surely he has been accepted
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as a leader in his own community and he is now well respected but it was a difficult difficult struggle he had to overcome difficulties you know that it's fascinating to them you wouldn't you know think that he would have to overcome those types of difficulties and it kind of begs the question could this award maybe give a boost goes calls in for kenya faso and the rest of west africa well interestingly there is going to send a huge program in africa to the store one hundred million hectares of decrease by two thousand and thirty it's called a of one hundred and i think death debt. to go getting. such an important of war forty storing decon angel into production is also a very good sign for the it's kind of. forest restoration program in africa and we certainly it's in our congratulations to mr assad chris rage joining us tonight
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from amsterdam mystery's thank you very much. the here. well it's being held as a medical while still scientists in the us are reporting success in helping patients with paralysis to stand and even take steps again it's all thanks to an electrical in play at that zaps the spinal cord along with months of intense rehab the research is giving new hope to people suffering from spinal cord injuries. one step at a time jerry is able to walk again five years after an accident that left him paralyzed to be able to move. my legs and. to walk even a stand it means a lot. that there is hope for not only me but other people. because one of three patients taking part in two separate studies in the united
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states aimed at getting them to walk again albeit assisted the twenty nine year old was the first patient at the mayo clinic in minnesota to have an electrical stimulation device implanted near his damaged spinal cord. the original function of the electrical stimulator was to treat chronic pain. but it's being used experimentally to try to activate dormant circuitry in the spinal cord. and allow movement. plus we were able to see the malaysia wreck plea the spinal cord itself and we believe that that was very important to be able to regain volitional control or voluntary control and just one month after surgery chinnock moved his toe on his own again he underwent forty three weeks of intense physical therapy and stimulator adjustments at one therapy session managed to walk the length of a football field but for him it's not about the distance. the whole
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side of maybe i'll get in that where i can leave the wheelchair behind even if it is to walk. to the refrigerator and back some ten hero like not very far. and hope is given to those with spinal injuries who never thought standing up. or walking would ever be possible again. midfielder. as the world's best football player at an awards ceremony in london. was chosen for the prize after a stunning year which saw him help real madrid win a third consecutive champions league title following that he kept in croatia for the country's first ever world cup final also being named the player of the tournament is the first croatia to win the award regulations to.
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well the day is nearly done but it's always the conversation continues online to find us on twitter or you can write to me. don't forget to use the hash tag and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then your buck.
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a second chance everyone does this one even here in iran where people are severely punished for minor offenses. businessmen only reason to be employs only people who have come into conflict with the new all. the same things signal because the so it is becoming more and more unjust. fritos. thirty minutes w. .
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where the real pallet resides. i come from their loss of people in fact no than a billion to do that was nonsense democracy give me that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television the book is righteous in balance after the fall of the sun in one i remember thinking at the time if the battle in broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a call. but i do the news i often confront difficult situations more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront goodspeed as unconscious ease and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security
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oppression martial nicely since. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i feel people have to be at the heart of solutions. my name is on the cut she's not an elected to. doing this is any. credible it's a whole lot more. on the line in cyberspace. it's a new era of sexuality. like sickening thing of and sexual frustration too much i still have to get used to these robot noises exploring a new frontier in sex and love going to. the toughest on september twenty fifth. victim.
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this is d w news well i got from berlin tonight on the ring those working to make the world a better place three salty human rights activist a former anti-corruption crusaders in guatemala and a scientist specializing in reforestation they're all withers of an award known as the alternative nobel proctors also coming up will he quits or will he be.


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